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ME40+ CW QRP Transceiver

Update!! 80 and 30 meter parts have arrived. The kits are currently available on Ebay. Do an ebay search for ME40+


This section is to provide information, documentation, and supplements to the ME40+ 40 meter QRP rig.

Latest ME40+ assembly manual in PDF

FAQ page

EIA resistor color code

Picture of ME40+ wound toroids

Component identification explanation

Hints and suggestions



Picture of assembled board (click on board to view a high resolution image to compare to your board)

The ME40+ kit and other bands come with circuit board, bags of parts and assembly manual for $60.00 plus $5.95 shipping to US destinations only and Paypal only. Foreign orders will have appropriate shipping and customs charges added. For foreign orders it's quicker to use ebay..

If you want just the circuit board it is available for $11.95 plus $3.95 U.S. shipping.

If you don't know how or are uneasy in winding toroids, you can order a set of pre-wound toroids from Midway for $8.95. Contact Midway by email for details.

If you want to order the rear panel parts, the headphone jack, power jack, key jack, and antenna connector, they are available for $7.95 plus $3.95 U.S. shipping.

Enclosure, pots, knobs, are not yet available.

Please contact Midway Electronics by email for availability and orders.

20 meter band availability will soon follow.

Ordering and contact information: email: