Hard To Find Parts

If you are building this kit from your own parts, some components will be harder to find than others.

These would be the IF transformers, crystals, toroids, varicap tuning capacitor, mixer I.C.'s, and RF output transistor.

The IF transformers have been discontinued for years and only new-old-stock are currently available. The crystals are available but Midway has to match them for exact frequency and are carefully selected for the crystal filter. The toroids can be purchased from Midway or from www.kitsandparts.com along with many of the other passive components. Keep in mind that there are some NPO (or C0G) temperature stable capacitors in the VCO section and you must use these otherwise you will have an unwanted drift in frequency. The varicap diode and output transistors aren't something you may have in your junk box.

Pricing is as follows: (All prices are in US dollars)

T1, 2, 3  $3.95 each

Set of 5 matched crystals $6.95 These are guaranteed to be within 20 hz of each other. (specify band)

Varicap diode $1.95

2SC2078 RF output power transistor $3.95 (selected and tested)

Set of 5 toriods with wire $6.95 (specify band)

Set of 3 SA612/NE612 or SA602/NE602 $7.95 (tested)

Large and small front panel knobs as found on legacy units $3.95 for both.

Shipping will be $8.40 for USPS priority 2-3 day shipping anywhere in the U.S..

Please email midway7726 (at) gmail.com to place an order.